2-7 minutes

Spend 2-7 minutes in our state of the art cold plunge to recover faster, feel invigorated, reduce inflammation and mitigate pain—all while burning calories.


Simply the best

Lumos offers the Plunge’s All-In Commercial model which boasts a 20 micron filter and ozone sanitation.



Our plunges are kept at optimal temperature to provide complete cold therapy benefits.

the science

take the plunge

Cold water immersion immediately causes our blood vessels to constrict, which stimulates blood flow throughout the body to release endorphins—our body’s natural pain killers.

this is how you do it


Suit Up

Change into either a clean swim suit or remove all clothes (whatever feels more comfortable).


Mind over matter

This isn’t easy but it is worth it, we promise. (To hype yourself up, remind yourself of the benefits of cold plunging).


Go Time

Submerge your body up to the base of your head while plunging. (This is where the vagus nerve is located and will simulate the best physiological response, including reduction of heart rate, increased mental clarity, and overall relaxation).


Stay Strong

We recommend remaining submerged for a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 7 minutes. However, listen to your body, less is more. Over time, with repeated exposure to cold plunge therapy, your body will adapt to cold water and temperatures.



Carefully exit the plunge and let the water run off your body onto the basin and towel off.

Benefits of Cold Plunge

Enhance Your Mood & Focus

Improve Recovery & Performance

Improve Resilience

Accelerate Metabolism

Reduce Inflammation

Improve your Immune System

Reduce Stress

Improve Cold Tolerance

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All first-time cold plunge users may purchase two Cold Plunge ($25) or Contrast Therapy ($55) sessions for the price of one. 

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