Muscle recovery

Optimize Recovery & Performance

Research shows, post-workout cold plunge sessions reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammation that causes soreness. When compared to passive recovery, cold plunging is a more effective recovery tool, positively impacting muscular power, muscle soreness, and restoring performance for up to 24 hours after exercise.

Reduce Inflammation & Muscle Soreness

Cold plunging is an effective tool in reducing inflammation in the body, which can alleviate symptoms associated with conditions such as arthritis, muscle soreness, and injuries.

Health Benefits

Accelerate Metabolism & Enhance Cold Tolerance

Cold water immersion has been found to increase the metabolic rate over 300% and even support a healthier regulation of blood sugar. In addition, when your blood vessels constrict in cold water immersion, your body is forced to burn fat to create heat—which can lead to weight loss.

mental health benefits

Enhance Your Mood, Energy & Focus

Cold water exposure increases dopamine levels to improve mood, increase energy levels and stimulates the nervous system to increase alertness, focus attention and enhance memory.

Health Benefits

Optimize Your Immune System

Cold water immersion helps stimulate the white blood cells that help fight off illness (a.k.a leukocytes). Cold temperature immersion detoxifies the body and activates an immune response in the lymphatic system to enhance your ability to fight off disease and infection.

Advance Resilience & Reduce Stress

Cold plunging is a mental and physical challenge that will enhance your ability to find comfort in periods of discomfort. This will help you redefine the way your brain responds to other stressors for better emotional resilience and mental clarity.

Health Benefits

Better Sleep & Healthier Skin

Due to the relaxation response triggered by cold water immersion and subsequent drop in body temperature, many individuals report improved sleep quality post-plunge. The constriction of blood vessels and reduction of inflammation can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles to make skin look more youthful.

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